Ketterä Kirahvi is a Tampere, Finland -based one man show. Ketterä Kirahvi stands for the Nimble Giraffe. Before, I was CFO for a minor, albeit international industrial services company. There was this person, a friend of mine, who always would repeat their self-coined service promise: to be nimble as a giraffe, to be flexible as an elephant. (In Finnish it sounds better.)

Later on, I decided to set up my own consulting business. As, in my former life as a CFO, I managed all the matters financial and HR related, both fields still are included in my services. My knowledge is probably deepest in the industrial sector, but the logic of doing service business is familiar to me, too. I know best the Northern European countries, and I will speak region’s languages. If necessary for some odd reason, I speak French too.

Call Mr. Kaunisto, the Nimble Giraffe
+358 50 350 1388

HR Consulting

Recruting, hiring and payroll advisory. Benefits and compensation planning. Health and safety and legal compliance.

I’m also familiar with Finnish, Swedish & Danish Collective Agreements and their current change drivers.

Financial Advisory Services

Transaction services, corporate finance, crisis & recovery, risk management, accounting advisory, forensic accounting, whatever. You name it.

International Situations

Sending workers abroad, or establishing a branch? I will sort it out and smash those barriers of entry.